Maryland-DC Chapter of the Society for Healthcare Risk Management

President's Message


On On behalf of the Maryland - District of Columbia Society for Healthcare Risk Management (“MD-DC SHRM”), I want to wish you a slightly belated welcome to 2017!  

Whether you are a new risk management professional or attorney, or a “seasoned” one, being a member of MD-DC SHRM provides the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and learn about areas of interest to those in our profession. Our mission, “to advance the art of healthcare risk management by promoting the development of patient risk and safety professionals in Maryland and the District of Columbia” is enhanced by ASHRM’s commitment to “Safe and Trusted Healthcare.” No one is on this journey alone, and all of our programs and resources are the result of group efforts by our engaged members, and by our phenomenal committees. My hope is that you will find your membership in this organization to be as rewarding as I have.

MD-DC SHRM is one of the oldest and most active “local” ASHRM chapters, having been formed in 1981. When Alicia Reynolds and I attended the chapter leaders’ workshop at the ASHRM Annual Conference in the fall, we were proud to tell them about our initiatives, and the active participation of so many members.

Following in Alicia Reynolds’ footsteps, I am on a good trail.  She and all of the leadership before her have done so much to better our group. We really are a big bunch of little threads and materials that all together, become this great tapestry. I know we’ll have another good year! And in the spirit of, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” I am not going to try to “fix” anything, but I would like to explore some new projects.

We began this year with our annual kick off meeting on January 19th. We had a productive evening, and look forward to all that the committees have planned. Four valuable education programs are planned for this year. Along with learning, these sessions provide opportunities to network with colleagues.

Beyond committees, although November seems like a long way off, please actively consider running for an office in the fall of 2017. The Nomination Committee would love to hear about you, or someone you think would be a good fit for a particular position.

My goal for this year is to Reach Out and Recognize:

1. REACH OUT to risk management professionals and attorneys

For MD-DC_SHRM to be a valuable asset to risk management professionals and attorneys beyond central Maryland, I would like to explore the possibility of:

  • Presenting educational webinars (at least one)
  • Increasing membership from Western and Southern Maryland, DC, and the Eastern Shore
  • Consistently provide regular communication via social media

2. REACH OUT to other clinical settings

  • Ambassador program
  • Outreach to physician offices, long-term care organizations, and other settings and individuals that would benefit from our programs

3. RECOGNIZE members

  • Awards
  • Scholarships

On behalf of the Board of Directors and our members, welcome to the Maryland – District of Columbia Society for Health Care Risk Management.  I am excited to be working with you as your President for 2017, and look forward to seeing you at our next education/networking session.

Nancy Connelly, RN, CPHRM, FASHRM
Risk Management Consultant



Maryland-DC Chapter of the Society for Healthcare Risk Management