September, 2009

Message from the President:

1. Change in Fiscal year and Change in Board Member Terms….

In June the membership approved two changes to the organization’s by-laws. These changes moved the timing of the fiscal reporting year and timing for the term of office for the Board of Directors from July 1 through June 30 to January 1 through December 31. This means that the fiscal year, the term of the Board members and the membership year will all be the same. Current Board members all agreed to extend their term for an additional six months. This will mean that the election of Board members will take place in the Fall of this year. The coordination of these dates should lead to a smoother transition for all future Board members and fewer questions regarding membership renewals and dues.

2. We are Going Corporate!

The Board has determined that after 28 years as an un-incorporated association we are “Going Corporate”.
Attorney Victoria Sulerzyski (Miles & Stockbridge, P.C.) has generously agreed to provide legal support to the Board in incorporating the organization as a Maryland not for profit corporation. In addition, Victoria will work with the Board to file a federal application for recognition as a tax exempt organization. These steps are being taken in recognition that the organization has grown both in its size and in the scope of its work. As such the Board was no longer comfortable operating as an unincorporated association. The Board felt that this organization needs the structure and protections available to an incorporated organization.

3. We are Changing our Name to Officially Welcome our D.C. Colleagues…….

The Maryland Chapter has been in discussions with several of the individuals who were responsible for operating a Chapter of ASHRM in the District of Columbia up until a few years ago. That chapter has not been operational for awhile, and in fact, some of the risk management professionals who had been part of the DC-SHRM have recently joined the MD-SHRM. The DC Chapter was a difficult one to sustain given the relatively small pool of available potential members.

As a result of these discussions, the MD-SHRM has decided to change its name to the MD-DC-SHRM. With this name change we will be encouraging all risk management professionals who are located in DC to officially join as members of MD-DC-SHRM. We will also be recommending to our membership a change in by-laws to insure that all future Boards of Directors include at least one Board member who is associated with a DC healthcare entity. Further, to insure that our DC colleagues feel at home immediately, we are opening our new web-site under our new name and with a new logo.

We look forward to holding future meetings and events in locations that are as convenient as they can be to all of our members. We now cover a lot more territory, we have a larger pool of professionals, and we have even more opportunity to have impact on the issues that are important to us all. Congratulations to us all!